1981 - 1985
It all began back in the year 1981 when guitarist Peter Wolff founded the band. (At that time still under another name).
After guitarist Ivano Marcon joined the band in 1983 they decided to change the band name, thus DRIFTER was born.

At that time Tom Warrior (Celtic Frost) handled briefly the promotion of DRIFTER.
He and Martin Ain created the classic DRIFTER band logo.

After various personnel changes DRIFTER finally put together a steady line up that remained together until the break in 1990.

Vocals: Tommy Lion
Lead Guitar: Peter Wolff
Guitar: Ivano Marcon
Bass: Sven Rosemann
Drums: Guido Kirschke

1985 - 1988

In 1985, DRIFTER recorded their legendary demo-tape "TALES OF DRAGONIA"
It was the first major step in the band's history.
The demo received many good reviews in various music magazines, and
in Poland it reached number 1 on the charts at "Radio Krakow "
"Tales Of Dragonia" sold more than 500 copies by mail order alone.

During that time all the band members have been fantasy fans (books, movies etc), so they created an appropiate fantasy stage image. Dressed in chain mail, leather and pelt they conquered the stage.

In January 1987 the second demo tape "Beyond The Burning Circles" was released.
DRIFTER played it's first concerts abroad and stirred some great interest amongst fans and the metal media.
Many fans from all over the world wrote to DRIFTER's Fan Club to get more info about the band and to order demo tapes after they have read about DRIFTER in music magazines or metal fanzines.
As a result "Beyond The Burning Circles" sold more then 700 copies, which ia a remarkable number for a self-released underground demo tape

In April 1987 DRIFTER played as supporting act for SLAYER in front of 2000 people in the Volkshaus Zürich

In September 1987 the band signed a record deal with the major label Teldec (nowadays known as Warner-Music-Group) from Hamburg, Germany.
Thus, making them the first German speaking thrash/power metal band who signed a major deal.
The metal press called it a sensation.

Henceforth the band discontinued with the fantasy outfit.


In early 1988 the debut LP album "Reality Turns To Dust" was released.
It has been recorded at KARO STUDIOS in Münster, Germany and produced by the famous producer KALLE TRAP.

The album striked like a bomb within the metal scene and got fantastic reviews from all over the world.
The international press called DRIFTER one of the best metal newcomer bands of the year!

The album release was followed by a tour across western Germany as support act of US thrash band EXODUS.

The Swiss TV broadcasted an one hour live concert of DRIFTER's performance.
Similar TV coverages followed on RTL, Tele 5, and MTV music channels.


In March of 1989 the second DRIFTER album called "Nowhere To Hide" was released.
Phil Campbell, the guitar player of MOTORHEAD contributed on the album as special guest.

On the track "Concrete Jungle" and on the cover version of Rose Tattoo's "We Can't Be Beaten", Phil Campbell played the guitarsolos.
Also on "We can't be beaten" Phil Campbell sang the lead vocals together with Tommy Lion.
DRIFTER recorded also a third song together with Phil Campbell:
A cover version from the UK-band Witchfinder General. The song called Music.
Unfortunately this track was never released.

After the release of "Nowhere To Hide" DRIFTER went on a massive European tour together with MANOWAR.
For over a month they played 21 shows in Norway, Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.
The tour was the ultimate climax in DRIFTER's history, performing regularly in front of 3000 and more wild metal fans.
The tour pinnacle was in Spain, where at San Sebastian and Barcelona arenas DRIFTER played in front of 8000 crazy and enthusiastic fans.

The band almost tasted the near break-through, but alas, the fate was cruel - instead, in 1991 all of a sudden the end came crashing down.
Vocalist Tommy Lion and drummer Guido Kirschke suddenly retired and all efforts to replace them with new members and keep DRIFTER alive miserably failed.......

1991 - 2005
In the following years the guitar players Ivano and Peter kept playing together in variuos projects.

Tommy rocked through live singing in several bands in-and-outside of Switzerland.

The bassplayer Sven also kept playing in some cover bands, but at some point he permanently hung up the bass on the wall and presently is a singer in a rock band.

Drummer Guido left his music career behind and concentrated at his personal future and working career.

In 2005, after a long consideration, Tommy, Peter and Ivano thought about playing some old DRIFTER songs together again.

In spring of 2005 Tommy had just quit the German band STORMHAMMER, and DRIFTER got a request from the KEEP IT TRUE festival about a live show, so the magic moment to talk about a reunion had finally come.

After 15 years the boys gathered again in a practice room for a joined session and just after the first beats it was cristal clear - the DRIFTER magic was alive!
The guys rocked with such joy and power together like there had not been a break at all.

DRIFTER was back - stronger then ever!


After the successful reunion session and an impressive performance at the KEEP IT TRUE 2006 festival, the guys agreed to inspire a new breath to DRIFTER.
A new album is planned for 2010.
With unbelievable power and joy the guys prepare now for the future to come.